Welcome to The Attic Lounge...




Rongai’s perpetual energy proves there is no shortage of night time entertainment.

 1.1 Fully stocked bar


The Attic Lounge has 6 large screen televisions,

placed strategically around the club,

unlike the other clubs and pubs, sharing a public washroom,

The Attic has very clean indoor washrooms.

The powerful sound system cannot go unnoticed in this club,

since the quality of music is on a different level.

This club is fully air conditioned,

as in every corner there is an automated fun.



1.2 Bottle Service Available


Recently renovated and under new management,

The Attic Lounge has sleek decor,

1.3 Perfect interior design


updated tech elements and an elevated food and beverage program.

This Club offers a higher-energy and a modern club vibe.


 1.4 More comfortable seating space


 1.5 Comfortable Lounge


The Attic has an upscale lounge vibe feel, complete with comfortable seats,

attractive ceiling with funky patterns, rich woods,

a backup generator, swanky music,

Deejay deck and a cool view of the entire business hub.


 1.6 Deejay Deck


A backup generator and an indoor kitchen that serves fast foods and meat,

makes this club one of the best in this town.

To sum it all up their prices are unbeatable.




Working Hours: 9am - Late Night

Location: At the Business Hub, behind Unitas bank Ongata Rongai Branch.

Instagram: attic_rongai

For Bookings and Reservations call the Manager Mr. Collins Karithi on 0716-408-297

Our Contact Details

Code 254 - Kenya

Contact us through the contact details given below.

  • 0723 605 332 (8:30am - 18:30pm)
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Nairobi, Kenya.

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