Competition is stiff for nightclubs in Rongai.

But where creative competition rules the land,

there is room to explore and push an establishment to its limit.

1.1 high top tables


That's exactly what the management of The Galaxy Lounge have been striving to do,

of which has turned out to be a huge success for this Lounge.


 1.2 Lounge


The galaxy Lounge is an all round good bet for a big night in a small place.

1.3 fully stocked counter


The dangerously tasty and fully stocked counter

overlooks one room equipped with comfortable white seats with a large flat screen.

Indeed a perfect setting for a good night out.

1.4 open balcony with high top tables


At The Galaxy Lounge there's good music and an atmosphere to match,

in that the guests can be seen at all hours sipping cocktails/drinking beer,

Flushy cars parked Outside the lounge

1.5 secure parking with a car wash


and lastly guests enjoying Meat delicacies served from

the Galaxy Lounge Butchery

1.6 butchery


and when it comes to hospitality this Lounge manages to excel.



 1.7 VIP Lounge

1.8 More seating space


The Galaxy Lounge draws the attention of the masses in that this club always has customers,

be it weekdays or weekends, the parking lot is always full.




The Galaxy Lounge stands out from its competitors in that it has free wi-fi for its customers,


A backup generator,


enough parking space, big tv screens,


a powerful sound system, open balcony, lounge, vip lounge

and lastly its open 24hrs...



Working Hours: Always Open

Location: opposite the Exciting hotel

For bookings and reservations call Njeri on 0727-497-199.





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Code 254 - Kenya

Contact us through the contact details given below.

  • 0723 605 332 (8:30am - 18:30pm)
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  • Nairobi, Kenya.

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